We get emails all the time from people asking us how they can help with our licensure efforts and with showing support for Naturopathic Medicine.  Some people contribute money, become members, visit their legislators–there are many different ways you can help the NYANP and the ND community to promote licensure and Naturopathic Medicine in the state of New York.

One small, but effective way of making a difference is to place a blog badge on your website.  A couple months ago, we did a survey and asked participants which design they liked best.  To view the selections and the results, click here:  Blog Badge Winner.

To put a blog badge on your website, located in the sidebar, is a relatively easy process if you have a WordPress site.

  • First, copy the code underneath the image (see picture on the right).blog badge
  • Next, go to the widget area of your website (in the Appearance section of your backend menu area).
  • Select a Text widget and place it in the widget area.
  • Label the text box what you’d like (we put “Grab Our Badge + Show Your Support!”).
  • Underneath your title, paste the code you copied.
  • And, save.

That’s it!

Here’s your end result:

naturopathic medicine








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