NYANP Officers:

President: Dr. Kirsten Carle

Past President: Dr. Tia Trivisonno

Vice President: Dr. Korey DiRoma

Secretary: Dr. Rick Brinkman

Treasurer: Dr. Sean Heerey

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Dr. Rick Brinkman

Dr. Rick Brinkman is best known for his Conscious Communication® expertise conveyed to millions of people via keynotes and trainings in his trademark Educating through Entertainment style. He is a 1980 graduate of NCNM. He specialized in mind / body medicine and studied communication and how it can profoundly affect one’s quality of life. He expanded to public practice becoming a trainer and professional speaker. He has since performed over 4000 programs in 18 countries. Dr. Brinkman is the coauthor of six McGraw Hill books including the 2,000,000 copy international bestseller (25 languages): Dealing With People You Can’t Stand: How to Bring Out the Best in People at Their Worst. His latest book is: Dealng with Meetings You Can’t Stand, Meet Less and Do more. This book features the meeting process he developed when on the AANP board and has taught successfully to groups for 20 years. His clients have included: the Astronauts at NASA, LucasFilm, Sony Pictures, the FBI, Defense Department and many more. He has been featured as a communication expert on CNN, the Wall St. Journal, the New York Times and O Magazine.

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Dr. Kirsten Carle

Dr. Carle received her naturopathic medical degree from the National College of Natural Medicine (now NUNM) in Portland, Oregon, having previously completed her undergraduate studies in biology at Marist College. Drawn to the medical profession at an early age, she pursued pre-med studies in college but became disillusioned with the conventional medical model after working in the records department of a busy family practice. After a years-long hiatus from an interest in medicine, she was introduced to the naturopathic medicine through fortuitously befriending two local naturopathic doctors. She was excited to learn about a medical profession that focused on finding and addressing the root cause of illness and that specialized in using natural therapies. This reignited her underlying passion for health and healing and within two years, she was enrolled in a naturopathic medical school on the other side of the country. Upon graduation, she returned to her home state of New York intending to provide naturopathic medical services to a region with less access to it than in some other parts of the country. She began her career at The Stram Center for Integrative Medicine with locations in New York and Vermont, where she practiced in collaboration with a host of integrative medical providers. Dr. Carle is licensed to practice naturopathic medicine in Vermont and worked there for over five years, first as a primary care provider and later specializing in tickborne illnes and other complex chronic health conditions. She currently has a wellness practice in Latham, New York, where she continues to works collaboratively within an active referral network of regional integrative health providers. And she continues to focus on helping people address a wide variety of health issues that fall under the larger umbrella of complex chronic illness.

She has advanced training in biotherapeutic drainage, homeopathy (New England School of Homeopathy), tickborne illness (International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society), and mold/mycotoxin illness (mentorship with Drs. Jill Crista ND and Neil Nathan MD). Her primary areas of focus include hormonal imbalance, women’s health, tickborne illness, biotoxin illness, anxiety/depression, sleep issues, autoimmune disease and gastrointestinal conditions. She is also experienced in working with highly-sensitive clients, who experience frequent adverse effects from many medications, botanical medicines and supplements.

Dr. Carle lives in Saugerties, New York with her life partner and beloved cat and enjoys spending her free time tending to her plants and exploring the beauty of the Hudson Valley.

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Dr. Korey DiRoma

 Dr. Korey DiRoma graduated from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2007. After graduating he joined an integrative medical practice in Albany, NY. During this time he has been in integral part in developing protocols with an integrative approach that have helped many with chronic illnesses. Dr. DiRoma specializes in nutrient and herbal therapies for tick borne illness, cancer, autoimmune, endocrine, and gastrointestinal disorders. He also has 14 years of collaborative experience with other practitioners and medical providers including MD’s, ND’s, NP’s, PA’s, acupuncturists, nutritionists, and physical and mental therapists. Many patients see and feel the benefit this collaborative approach to chronic disease and wellness care. This approach to medicine is Dr. DiRoma’s vision for health care in NY and around the world.

Dr. DiRoma went to the University of Arizona where he earned a bachelor of science in molecular and cellular biology. After graduation he spent time working as a case manager in Tucson working with a team of psychiatrists and other health professionals. Even though the goal was to assist and coordinate care for patients who were mentally disabled, it was evident that many patients were over medicated and that their physical health was suffering. Nutrition was extremely poor and not emphasized. It was not uncommon for patients to be on at least 10 different medications. During this time discovered naturopathic medicine through an old college friend who happened to be in his first year of ND school at SCNM. He described the ND profession and his educational experience. The ideas and philosophy of naturopathic medicine were very intriguing but resonated with Dr. DiRoma’s personal feelings about medicine. The following year he was enrolled in the ND program.

Dr. DiRoma enjoys the outdoors and activities such as hiking in the Adirondacks, kayaking, and cross country skiing. He has been playing golf since the age of 12 and still plays competitively. In recent years he has qualified for the New York State Mid Am Championship. He also plays multiple instruments including the drums and guitar.

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Dr. Sean Heerey

Sean E. Heerey, ND is a graduate of the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. Prior to beginning his naturopathic medical career, Sean was a bilingual (Spanish/English) Speech-Language Pathologist for over 10 years. He is a native of New York City and was raised in a bilingual/bicultural home. Sean blends whole food nutritional supplementation, homeopathy, homeopathic drainage, flower essences and dietary/lifestyle modifications to help his patients make healing changes in their lives. One of the strengths of naturopathic medicine lies in the process of helping others make lasting and sustainable changes in their lives. A major focus of Sean’s practice is supporting children, and their families, with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and other developmental and language/learning issues. He practices in Forest Hills, Queens and works with both English and Spanish-speaking patients. He is married and lives with his wife and 3 children, ages 14, 12, and 9 years old.  


Dr. Tia Trivisonno

Dr. Tia Trivisonno is a naturopathic physician and licensed acupuncturist, currently practicing in a holistic medical clinic in Glen Head, New York with Dr. Michael Gurevich MD.  Her clinic employs a unique team-based approach to managing patient care for those individuals who repeatedly fail standard treatments for complicated psychiatric illness and chronic disease.   

Dr. Trivisonno has served as the vice president of the board of directors of the NYANP and is currently a member of the AANP and the RIANP.  

Her certificates include allergy desensitization with Dr. Nambudripad’s allergy elimination technique (N.A.E.T.), classical homeopathy with the New England school of homeopathy (N.E.S.H), and the bioresonance analysis of health (B.A.H) with Dr. Thomas K. Szulc MD. She is trained in German biological medicine and neural therapy and has completed mentorships in women’s health and gynecology, five-element acupuncture, and anthroposophical medicine.   

Prior to moving to New York, Dr. Trivisonno graduated with high honors in classical Chinese medicine from the National College of Natural Medicine.   

Dr. Trivisonno’s passion for natural medicine began with a strong desire to offer guidance for health and wellbeing to patients and their families by emphasizing individualized prevention, education and empowerment.  She lectures internationally on her clinic’s innovative approach to mental health and chronic disease and has co-authored journal publications.   

As an undergrad, Dr. Trivisonno studied yoga and Ayurvedic medicine for a semester in India. She earned a B.A. with honors in environmental studies from Hobart and William Smith Colleges in New York, and later spent two years doing environmental work as a Peace Corps volunteer in Paraguay.  There she developed a love of service and a deep respect for cultural traditions and indigenous medicine.  Her hobbies include surfing, travel and music.  She believes that working to improve the health of each individual will contribute to a healthier planet.

NYANP Committees


Chairperson Dr. Korey DiRoma

Dr. Kirsten Carle and Dr. Tia Trivisonno


Dr. Tia Trivisonno, Chairperson

Evan Zang


Dr. Kirsten Carle, Chairperson

Dr. Sean Heerey

Special Events/ Conference

Dr. Tia Trivisonno

Dr. Rick Brinkman

NYANP Advisory Board

Dr. Peter D'Adamo

Dr. Robert Kachko

Dr. Steven Koda

Dr. Paul Mittman

Dr. Doni Wilson

Evan Zang

NYANP Naturopathic School Representatives

My name is Danielle Futerman and I’m from East Hampton, New York. I’m a first year naturopathic medical student at Bastyr University in San Diego. I first learned about Naturopathic Medicine during my undergraduate studies at the University of Vermont. I’ve always wanted to become a doctor, but my pre-med path shifted when I took an introductory course in Integrative Healthcare and began exploring environmental medicine. I graduated from UVM with a Bachelors of Science in Biological Science with a concentration in Integrative Healthcare and a minor in Chemistry. My interests include cooking, traveling, gardening, hiking, and yoga. I’m a member of the Applied Kinesiology club and NMSA. I love that Naturopathic Medicine allows me to harness all my passions to help facilitate healing in this world. I hope to someday open a community oriented practice on the East End of Long Island.

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