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“Just a dude with experience looking at health from a different perspective.”


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Steve offers a different perspective on what is wrong, and a different approach to correcting the problems based on research, experience and intuition.

He helps you find the safest, most direct approach to fixing your symptoms.  He has been on many convoluted programs himself for health and tries to avoid that. He got involved with medicine because he had colitis and every member of his family had autoimmune disease.

Steve went to naturopathic medicine school from 1991-1994 and then started seeing people to help them regain their health. He will tell you his real education started then. He now has 25 years of people teaching him what they need to do to get better and he will be happy to share that experience with you.


a few letter from friends…

Dear Dr. Nenninger,

I’ve been meaning to write to you and let you know how my daughter has been doing since you treated her. I don’t know if you remember that she had the on going kidney stone issue. She used to produced kidney stones at such a rapid pace that she had 4 surgeries in a 4 year span of time. 

This caused her a great deal of anxiety. Well I need to let you know that she just had her 6 month check up with her urologist and she got the absolute best report that she has ever gotten. Not only has she not produced any new stones since she changed her diet but her body killed off the 3 remaining stones that were still present. 

Even her urologist (and sonogram tech) could not believe what they were seeing. She is stone free for the 1st time in 6 years!! Her urine analysis was perfect, all of her levels were in range. She is doing absolutely great!!! You have truly changed her life. When she 1st met with you she was a mess physically and emotionally. She took every word you said and every test result seriously. She came home that day after our 1st meeting with you and went cold turkey on her food allergies and never looked back. 

She is very very disciplined with her food and her new way of life and very rarely “cheats”. I will say she has no regrets and for the 1st time in her life she feels like she has some control over her destiny. I don’t know if you realize what a powerful gift you have given her. She still has some anxiety but it is school related and not health related so it is manageable.

Again, I can’t thank you enough. I’m sorry it took so long to give you the update, I guess life just keeps on going and time slips by so fast.

Once again, thank you for your help. You will never really know the impact you made in her life. I could go on and on about the difference in her since she made the changes but I think by now you get my point……life changing!


Dear Dr. Nenninger,
Thank you so much for being the doctor to cure my acne. I had searched for a solution for such a long time and tried so many things, from all kinds of topical product to the recommendations of dermatologists, all of which didn’t help at all. My face is the clearest it’s been in a long time and I no long have to worry about one day not putting my makeup on. Thank you so much, I would’ve still been floundering between different doctors and the internet for useless ideas if it weren’t for you. You’ve given me back my confidence in looking well, and no words are enough to explain how grateful I am to have found you as a doctor I can truly rely on.
All the very best, NP.

Before working with Dr. Nenninger I thought that I had tried everything.  What I realize now is that I had tried everything “conventional”. Naturopathic Medicine game me options and results far beyond what I thought was possible.
Joanne Y. Crohn’s Disease Patient, San Francisco, CA

I did not realize that there was another kind of doctor.  A doctor that goes to a 4-year medical school that also teaches natural medicine.  I brought my daughter in after 2 years of antibiotics and 6 ear infections.  Since seeing Dr. Nenninger we have not had another infection or needed to go on antibiotics in 18 MONTHS.  
Janet C – Mom of 8 y/o Julie.  Phoenix AZ

Dear Steve,
     I am forever grateful to you!!  – 
Dear current or future patients,  I took a very long and emotionally grueling path “trying” to get pregnant.
After 9 medically assisted procedures that came up negative, and no medical reason for not achieving a viable pregnancy.  I had just about given up.

My path lead me to Dr. Steve Nenninger; with his expert guidance, patience and kindness, eastern treatments and a new diet; Within 6-9 months of his treatments, I received my “Natural Miracle”.  

I am forever grateful to Dr. Steve for guiding me and helping my husband and I receive the greatest love and gift of all, a healthy, happy smiling “all natural” miracle, the love of our life, our son!
Thank you for changing my life I feel great, along with achieving my dream!
Leah B.


I wasn’t treated like a disease, I was treated like a person. I did not want to go on another drug. I knew there must be an answer to my fibromyalgia. I didn’t know that foods were poisoning my body, I just needed someone to work with my to figure that out. Luckily for me that person was Steve.

Louise R – Fibromyalgia

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