A few weeks ago, we ran a contest to ask our members and readers which blog badge they preferred.  For those of you who don’t know what a blog badge is, it is a small image usually placed on your website’s sidebar (it can also be placed in your newsletter).  A blog badge is a great way to show your support for the profession of naturopathic medicine, for licensure, and for the NYANP.

The following 4 images were choices for our contest:

naturopathic medicineWe had a great response and the second choice won by a wide margin:

naturopathic medicine

A majority of people also said they would use a blog badge on their site.

If you have a WordPress site, a blog badge will be really simple to put on your sidebar:

blog badge

  • First, copy the code underneath the image (see picture on the left).
  • Next, go to the widget area of your website (in the Appearance section of your backend menu area).
  • Select a Text widget and place it in the widget area.
  • Label the text box what you’d like (we put “Grab Our Badge + Show Your Support!”).
  • Underneath your title, paste the code you copied.
  • And, save.

That’s it!

Here’s your end result:

If you’d like to put it in your newsletter, you can either use the code, or you can use a screenshot of the image.  Either way, it is a fantastic way to show your support for the profession of naturopathic medicine in New York.
If you are interested in other images, see below.  To use these on your site, take a screen shot (have a Mac?  Hold down the Command, Shift, and 4 keys altogether).  Or, click on the image and copy the URL.  Then, go to this website which helps you set up your own blog badge:  Grab My Button.  Together, let’s support naturopathic medicine in New York!
naturopathic doctor New York
holistic doctor New York

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