Written by Jamie Sculley, 2nd year ND student, Bastyr University in Seattle, WA

Help raise awareness of naturopathic medicine along with funds for our advocacy trip to DC on April 26-28, 2014.

$5 for FLI (Federal Legislative Initiative)

We are a group of naturopathic medical students at Bastyr University that believes in the power of our medicine and are committed to extending its reach throughout the United States. At the end of April we fly from Seattle, Washington to Washington, DC to participate in DC FLI (Federal Legislative Initiative), a powerful effort that teaches us to politically advocate for our future profession. Our medical training prepares us to heal our patients, DC FLI prepares us to heal our healthcare system. We invite you to join us!

What you’re investing in

Your contribution of $5 or more ensures that every student who has committed to this trip (through various fundraising efforts and taking time away from class) can cover travel and accommodation costs.¬†We’ve all found ways to front these expenses and YOU will be part of our hope for reimbursement. And this is huge, since we’re all on student loans ūüôā We set this fundraising goal high at $12,000 because we believe that there are AT LEAST 2,400 people out there who want to show their support of naturopathic medicine by donating the cost of a fancy cup of coffee or tea or kombucha (or whatever is your drink of choice).

Awareness raising

This campaign is as much about raising awareness as it is about raising funds. As graduate students, we understand if you are not able to donate. You can be part of this exciting effort by spreading the word, sharing the campaign page and talking about the awesomeness of naturopathic medicine whenever you can. In supporting our advocacy efforts, you are making a strong statement that you have a right to access the medicine that reflects your own beliefs and values.

Last year’s DC FLI event resulted in the passing of Senate Resolution 221 declaring October 7-13th 2013 as Naturopathic Medicine Week.¬†This was the first time naturopathic medicine had been federally recognized. You can read more about last year’s DC FLI¬†here.

This year’s “ask” includes getting naturopathic medical coverage written into Medicare so that we may support our elders.

For more information about naturopathic medicine, visit the website of the AANP (American Association of Naturopathic Physicians).

To contribute or to view the campaign’s website, please click here: ¬†https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/5-for-fli/x/7007648#home

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