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Carbohydrates, Blood Sugar, and Your Health

Written by Dr. Doni, author of The Stress Remedy, who explains why an imbalanced carbohydrate metabolism means awareness of blood sugar levels is important for all – not just diabetics. Those of who read my (Dr. Doni Wilson’s) blog frequently know that I talk about three problem networks: adrenal distress, leaky gut and imbalanced carbohydrate metabolism. Today I’m…

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NYANP Strategic Meeting Held in NYC

The NYANP recently held its annual strategic meeting where the NYANP board members met in person to talk about goals, strategies, and objectives.  This year the board met in Peter Bongiorno’s beautiful office in NYC.  We spent our day looking back at the past year and looking forward into the future. As the new Executive…

Katie Couric Show with Dr. Pina — All Natural Sleep Aids

What all natural products can help you sleep that you can’t find in your medicine cabinet? Pina Loguidice is a doctor of naturopathic medicine and says there are a host of things that she has found to be very effective natural alternatives.  Pleasant dreams!