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How Does Naturopathic Medicine Support Breast Cancer Prevention and Treatment?

FAQ #9: How does naturopathic medicine support breast cancer prevention and treatment? A service for consumers from the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP) and the Institute for Natural Medicine (INM). Emphasizing a holistic approach, naturopathic medicine offers complementary natural therapies to support and strengthen the body and mind before, during, and after conventional medical…

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The Risks of Cell Phone Radiation and How to Avoid it

Written by Dr. Robert Kachko.  Our health is a combination of our genetic susceptibility and our lifestyle choices, and our interaction with the environment takes center stage in determining how we feel. At this point, one of the most potent threats to our immediate environment is the impact of external electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). Since most…


By Patricia Bowden-Luccardi LMT, CNMT, CTT October is the month that the focuses on Breast Cancer Awareness. Let’s focus instead on Breast Health Awareness and ways to prevent cancer at a cellular level and minimize our exposure to environmental toxins. When it comes to breast cancer, the greatest concern is exposure to a group of…

Breast Cancer and Natural Medicine

Watch Dr. Peter Bongiorno on the Carol Alt Show (Fox News) as he discuses natural approaches to breast health and prevention of breast cancer.  Lowering your breast cancer risk:  Mastectomies vs. natural remedies.  Click here to view:  A Healthy You.