Written by Dr. Anne Williams

Flame retardant clothing and bedding have become an important home safety measure to prevent against fires.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of flame retardants on the market, such as PBBs (a relative of PCBs) are known to bio-accumulate with toxic effects on the environment and possibly humans as well.

While talking to Rachel Button, manager of NYC’s the Clean Bedroom showroom (www.thecleanbedroom.com), I found out some exciting information.

Their mattresses, which have organic wool linings pass the “torch test.” An industrial torch, held to the mattress for 30 seconds, elicits no lasting flame in the 100% organic wool linings.

It is comforting to know that nature has us covered. We can breath and protect ourselves at the same time, using a renewable, natural resource.

Dr. Anne Williams is a natural health expert who works with kids and adults to live life to its fullest, with energy and enthusiasm. She is a member of the NYANP at the Friend level.  Learn more about Dr. Anne here

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