March 2014 Your Legislative Quick Update

We know you are all busy so we prepared the “Cliff Notes” version of the current bill.

We also prepared a document called: “How You Can Help”.  These are the critical actions we need everyone to take and the timeline for doing it.  The 3 minutes you take to read this will make a big difference.

Go here to view the PDF online (or download):

How You Can Help

Licensing Bill FAQs

In the next few months we need to SPRING INTO ACTION!!



Since we know you are busy, in addition to the webinar you can watch online, we have provided a link to download an audio version so you can listen while you commute, cook, exercise, and turn that time into double effective Legislative Action time!


You will download a single zip file containing both audios and two PDFs of the slides that are shown.




CLICK HERE FOR: Legislative Update Q&A (50 min)
CLICK HERE FOR: Legislative Update Q&A (50 min)


To view past video messages, click here:  Video Message Archives.


Please tell us which of the following you will volunteer for:

  • Use social media to post and share about licensing NDs in NY
  • Collect 5 written patient testimonials or 2 video testimonials to post and share with legislators
  • Talk to friendly MDs and get letters recommending ND licensing
  • Visit your legislator (Steve Koda can accompany you to be the bill language expert)
  • And, even better: Go with a patient to your legislator.  Steve Koda can accompany you.  We have been told that a patient talking to their legislator is the most powerful testimony.

Use the form below to let us know how you’d like to participate:

[vCitaContact type=contact width=500 height=450]

We have identified a lobbying firm and we are moving forward.  In order to be successful we need everyone to be a member!  We are seeking additional funding, but funders also want to see the internal support.

This is a special moment in time, a change in the consciousness of how health care is delivered.  We need to act together.

To become a member of the NYANP, click here to view the different options we have available: Memberships. And if you are already a member a BIG THANK YOU!

Not sure about which membership to get?  Click here to see the differences in benefits:   Professional Membership Benefits.  Please note:  professional memberships can be paid on a monthly basis.

*New!  The NYANP has added a top-level Leader membership.  This has all of the benefits of the professional and friend memberships, but you’ll also get 3 articles a year in the NYANP newsletter, an article on our blog 3 times a year, the featured ND in the NYANP newsletter and on the website, and mentioned and linked on social media at least 3 times for the year. Our website and newsletter reaches thousands and thousands of professionals and consumers a year.  This is your chance to shine and also to help us in our mission:  Licensing our New York naturopathic physicians.  We can’t do it without your help.Dr. Doni Wilson, Dr. Steve Nenninger, and Dr. Karen Fuller are our first ever Leader level members.  Each of these memberships support the cost of a lobbyist for one week. That’s why we need your help.  We rely on your contributions, memberships, and volunteering efforts to keep our legislative push for licensing going.Not sure about becoming a member yet?  Consider making a contribution to support the NYANP.

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