Preparation and prevention, don’t panic!

One of the main tenets of naturopathic medicine is to teach the principles of healthy living.  In accordance with this principle, I would like to share some information about how naturopathic doctors within our community have responded to the coronavirus in a timely fashion to provide insight and guidance for our patients.   In compiling and reviewing some of the most up to date literature about the virus, it is clear that experts agree that preparation and prevention without panic, is the key.

It is the vision of the NYANP to advance awareness of naturopathic medicine.  Naturopathic doctors provide patients with basic lifestyle and treatment guidelines that can aid in strengthening the immune system and optimizing the body’s ability to heal should illness occur.   It is best to align yourself with knowledgeable practitioners who can answer your specific questions about your health, and help you to filter the influx of information about viruses and epidemics.   

At the New England School of homeopathy, our colleagues Drs. Paul Herscu and Amy Rothenberg are keeping our community informed with the latest updates about the virus and have provided some naturopathic recommendations to follow as a guide. 

Education is empowerment when it comes to staying healthy.  

May we work together to spread healthy living for a healthier world.  

Dr. Tia Trivisonno, NYANP President

Respect your calmness, because it is the loudest voice of your strength. ~ Anonymous

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