How to Reverse Grey Hair

Anti-Aging is a fad that is not about to end any-time soon. Fifteen-Hundred Baby Boomers are turning 65 on a daily basis and they want to look as gorgeous as the Millennials, or at least feel that way, right? And Millennials want to preserve their peak… the elders are turning 35 this year, after all. When your body is stressed out due to emotional and mental demands, lack of nutrition, illness or environmental toxicity, consider this.

When I think “anti-aging” I am thinking of the impact of nutrition, stress, chemicals, dehydration from the inside-out. We heal the the inside out, not the other way around.  When it comes to looking good, many people color their hair, in some case adding toxic chemicals which are absorbed through the sensitive scalp tissue. As an ND this worries me as I know many of these chemicals to be cancer-causing. What’s more, hiding one’s grey does not make you younger. What’s more, hiding one’s grey does not MAKE you younger. When your hair turns grey, it is being bleached from the inside from chemicals called Peroxides, that our body makes as a result of cellular stress. Yes, peroxides are the free radicals that are produced from oxidative damage. If you put peroxide directly on your hair, it bleaches it. The same thing happens from the roots. When there is not enough of a certain enzyme to neutralize those peroxides then your hair gets bleached. That enzyme is called Catalase. It is an internal antioxidant that we don’t get through food, rather our body makes it. It helps to control production of melanin – the pigment that makes your hair and skin your unique tone. People born lacking the ability to make melanin are called albino; they have a genetic condition called albinism. People who lose the ability to produce melanin throughout their life have the Michael-Jackson Disease or vitiligo, an autoimmune condition that causes our melanin-producing cells to stop working. While Albinism is not reversible, vitiligo is in some people.  People who go through chemotherapy often have grey hair (and even changed hair) at the end of it, because the oxidative stress caused from the chemotherapy is so intense. The rest of us slowly engage in a process called aging, where our the burden of stress placed on our cells is greater than the ability of our cells to repair themselves so we get grey hair, wrinkles, inflammation, pain, sickness.

While it may be a right of passage for youthful world leader to turn grey during their first four years of office (just look at President Obama, or Stephen Harper of Canada….will Justin Trudeau be a hot silver fox?)  Don’t get me wrong, grey hair is beautiful. But if you have turned prematurely grey or want to understand how to identify and reverse the aging process – you can use your grey hair as a sign of nutrient deficits. This way, there are a few things that can be done.

  1. Cut down on aging activities- sugar, bread, alcohol, late nights, worry, negative thought patterns and for God’s sake learn to say NO
  2. Reduce stress healthily – exercise, meditation, sleep, essential oils, gemstones, chakra clearing
  3. Catalase supplementation – the enzyme naturally depletes over time and moreso when we battle illness, treatment, stress and malnutrition.
  4. Herbal supplement of FoTi or He She Wou
  5. Superfood supplementation – wheat grass, barley grass, black strap molasses
  6. Address inflammation and toxicity
  7. Address autoimmunity with diet alteration

Do enough of these things and watch your grey hair to turn black, brown, blond and red again.

Written by Dr. Millie Lytle.

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