Access to Licensed Naturopathic Doctors in NY

This is your chance to write your NY legislators about your desire to see a licensed naturopathic doctor.


  • New York State does NOT yet offer licensure for naturopathic doctors which means that New Yorkers do not have access to all of the services naturopathic doctors are trained to provide.
  • If you see a naturopathic doctor for your care, but would like for him/her to be able to offer all the services he/she is trained to provide – such as physical exams and ordering lab work – then it is important that you let your legislator know.
  • If you would like to work with a licensed naturopathic doctor for your care, but are confused about how to find an appropriately trained naturopathic doctor and/or hope to have the services covered by insurance, then it is imperative that you write your legislators and ask them to regulate the profession and work to approve insurance coverage for naturopathic doctors in the near future.


The New York State Assembly’s website has all the information you need to know to familiarize yourself with bill numbers A10128 (A7035 was the prior bill number.  Aseemblyman Felix Ortiz is our new sponsor and with a new sponsor comes a new bill number) and S4917 (for the 2016 Legislative Session).  If you’d like to read more about the bills, click here:  License NY NDs (in the search box type “naturopath” and click on keyword)

Our lobbyist, NYANP Board members, and volunteers have been working around the clock to get this legislation passed.  But, they can’t do it alone!  We need your support!

Find out who your legislators are by typing in your full address here:


After you type in your address and press SEARCH, you will see your representatives’ names.  Click on each name to find out their contact information.

Write an email or letter to them telling them why you went into naturopathic medicine and why it’s good for New York State to license NDs.  

Writing and calling your representatives–on a regular basis–is an effective way of letting the Senate and Assembly know you support ND licensure in New York.

Click on the images below to download:  1.  the Legislative Summary of Cost Effectiveness of Naturopathic Medicine, 2.  Write Your Legislator–Talking Points in Categories, and 3.  a Sample Letter to Your Legislator.

naturopathic doctor New York




Write Your Legislator




sample letter to legislator





Want to do more?  Meet your representatives in their district offices!  You can make a difference!  Offer your services.  For example, offer a free clinic to the staff members on stress, allergies, nutrition, etc.  Don’t be shy–share your knowledge, share your success, and share your love for the field.

You are a hero.  You can make a difference in people’s lives but not if anyone doesn’t know about you and what you do.

Even when the legislative session has ended, you can still meet with your representatives in their home offices.  Contact NYANP if you need assistance by emailing us at

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