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Mental Health & Sexual Health and the Covid19 Pandemic: A New Synthesis and the Need for Public Education

Barbara Bartlik, MD and Janet Mindes, PhD

Before, during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, too many New Yorkers do not prioritize wellness.  Physical and mental health and sexual function are fundamentally intertwined over the lifespan: neglect one = neglect all, attend to one = attend to all.  Covid-19 was often more severe for those in poor systemic health; fatigue of Long COVID negatively impacts mental well-being and sexual function; recent data reveal Long COVID can involve impaired erectile function in men.  Creating and maintaining one’s own robust health and therefore productivity and enjoyment of life over the lifespan is a message for all New Yorkers.

The MTOR Advantage – MTOR and Mental Health

Peter Bongiorno, ND

The mammalian target of rapamycin (MTOR) is a highly conserved serine/threonine kinase that is used by the body as an important energy and nutrient status sensor. When its function is in balance, it helps the nervous system maintain homeostasis. It does this by toggling between moments of building tissues, growth, plasticity along with proliferation with moments of autophagy (breakdown) and detoxification of tissues and cells.  Emerging research is showing how psychiatric illness has a strong underpinning in the dysregulation of MTOR.

In this talk, Dr. Peter Bongiorno will review the function of MTOR and what factors contribute to its function. Then, he will discuss specific psychiatric illnesses in relation to MTOR. For example, depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder are considered MTOR underactivation condition, whereas cognitive impairment, addiction and schizophrenia are hallmarked by overactivation. The health practitioner will learn an underlying contributor to mental health challenges as well as clear suggestions of how to identify these and help their patient.

The Hidden Dangers and Influences on Health of EMF and 5G

Sara Hazel, ND

There are a lot of factors in disease and in healing disease that practitioners must concern themselves with. It is a profoundly inconvenient truth that one of those factors is exploding exponentially on us all: electromagnetic fields and waves from advancing technology.

It is also highly problematic that there is so much disinformation and obscuration of the science and the medical evidence around these effects. On top of that, it is uncomfortable to recognize and deal with the negative effects of technology we find both convenient and necessary to our lives and careers.  This presentation is the lecture you might not WANT to attend, but probably should.  We will cover the science, the obvious and hidden EMF impacts, and the very real threat of 5G.

Resources, Protocols, and Remediation techniques are reviewed.

The Integrative Hallmarks and 7 Key Principles of Cancer TherapyTM

Antonio Jimenez, M.D.

Over the past two decades, thousands of cancer patients have been successfully treated using whole-body, non-toxic integrative treatment protocols based on the 7 Key Principles of Cancer TherapyTM. In recent years, scientific advances have provided powerful evidence that corroborates this approach. In particular, the definition of key biological hallmarks and physical traits are redefining cancer as a disease that must be understood in the context of the body’s biological terrain, and not just the result of a mutated cell. In this presentation, we will discuss the hallmarks of cancer that empower our integrative cancer treatment protocols along with illustrative treatments and case studies.

Freedom, Abundance and Nature Cure for Naturopathic Doctors and Patients

Nana Jokura, ND (inactive)

One of the best ways to mobilize the abundant energy of the earth and all people is to get back to nature cure. There is great power in simplicity. In this time of great change in our world, there is a unifying thread among all people, the desire to be healthy and well. In a world of changes and complexity, sometimes the best approach for our personal health and those of our patients and communities goes back to what is simple. It is time to get back to the basics and back to nature. Mother nature is always speaking to us. As leaders, it’s time for us to listen like never before.

The ART and Practicing Medicine: Coaching, Intuition and Following Your Calling

Sarah Marshall, ND

We came to this medicine because we knew something else was possible.   Then we graduated and the world pulled for us to be the same.  This talk is designed to reconnect its participants to their core nature that drove them to take the less traveled path and become natural healers. 

It’s time to look ourselves in the mirror and wake up to the fact that our business is a perfect reflection of what is working and what is not working in our lives.  This talk will assist you in taking your next step towards success, fulfillment, optimal health, and profound intimate connection. 

You Finished Treatment, Now What? A Field Guide for Cancer Survivors

Amy Rothenberg, ND

Dr. Rothenberg will share from her new book the key approaches to “mopping up” after
conventional cancer care and how to shift the internal environment to be less hospitable to
cancer developing or returning. She was also share helpful information for providers to use
with their patients as it relates to communication with an oncology team. Lastly, Dr.
Rothenberg will highlight the role of caregiving and thoughts for supporting caregivers.

Naturopathic Treatment in Autism Spectrum Disorders

Erica Smith, ND

This presentation will provide a review of biomedical treatments for Autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Autism currently affects 1:44 children in the United States and naturopathic interventions are helpful in addressing the many biomedical processes that are essential to maintaining health. We will explore methylation, sulfation, cerebral folate deficiency, cell danger response, and the importance of mitochondrial function. We will discuss the importance of reducing toxic load, microbial load, and promoting gut health to maintain ability to utilize nutrients and promote healing. We will review strategies for comprehensive physical assessment and ways to interpret results to guide naturopathic treatment. 

The Untold Story of Estrogen -It’s Your Friend not Your Foe

Sharon Stills, ND

Dr. Sharon Stills has over 20 years supporting women through their hormonal journeys.  She is passionate about sharing the truth about bio-identical hormone replacement and how it is a critical part of aging gracefully and preventing and treating breast cancer.  So many physicians have been afraid to prescribe hormones to women with a family history or a personal history of breast cancer and this leads to much unnecessary suffering.  Learn how the concert of hormones supports health at the highest level and how hormones should be dosed, administered, and monitored.  

Naturopathic Approach to Multiple Sclerosis

Heidi Weinhold, ND

Multiple sclerosis affects more than 1 million people living in the United States and currently has no known cure. Naturopathic medicine provides many modalities to help reduce inflammation, modulate immune function, increase mobility, reduce stress, and improve the quality of life of those living with MS.  Dr. Weinhold will discuss how naturopathic physicians can help support MS patients utilizing diet, lifestyle management, botanical medicine, nutraceuticals, and homeopathic medicine.  She will share case studies and some clinical pearls that can be implemented into clinical practice.

SAVE THE DATE: 2024 NYANP Annual Conference October 5, 2024