The NYANP’s monthly newsletter is distributed to over 3,500 subscribers a month.  There are two types of ads:

1.  Graphic:   $500 large (525 x 220 pixels)/$300 small (250 x 110 pixels).

2.  Text-only, classified ads:  $50, 50 words or less.

Prices are for one edition.

EVENTS are listed on the website and newsletter.  This is a free service for members.

WEBSITE ADVERTISING The NYANP website receives approximately 4,000 visitors a month.  This is targeted traffic.  Visitors include consumers, clinicians, and others interested in Naturopathic Medicine.

$400/month – on the sidebar.  $100 — on the bottom of the website.

SPONSORED DINNERS  Dinner with Doctors Program—a donation given to the NYANP, $10/person

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