The NYANP has several options that make purchasing a membership easier than ever!  All professional memberships are now done through recurring billing.

Be a part of the winning team that is focused on getting Naturopathic Doctors licensed in the state of New York.  Attend our conference for a discount, have your practice listed in our popular Find a ND pages on our website, and have your events listed on the front page of NYANP.org.  We want your practice to thrive!

By purchasing a membership you help us to further our mission to license New York NDs and to increase the public awareness of Naturopathic Medicine.  See below for more information on how you can become part of our winning team!

Professional Membership — Leader

All of the benefits of the professional and friend memberships but you’ll also get 3 articles a year in the NYANP newsletter, an article on our blog 3 times a year, the featured ND in the NYANP newsletter and on the website, and mentioned and linked on social media at least 3 times for the year.  Current leaders are Dr. Doni Wilson, Dr. Jillian Finker, and Dr. Steve Nenninger.  $100 per month.

Professional Membership — Friend

This yearly membership comes with all the benefits of a professional membership PLUS your picture on our website, special profile on our site, an article in the NYANP newsletter, your article in our blog, and a mention and link on our social media outlets. AND, $100 off the cost of our NYANP Annual Conference.   $62.50 per month.

Professional Membership — Full

This is the professional level membership. Benefits include a basic listing on the NYANP website with a hyperlink, list up to 6 specialties, announcement or event listing in NYANP newsletter and calendar, and $50 off the NYANP annual conference.   $37.50 per month.

Professional Memberships — 1st, 2nd, 3rd Year After Graduation

Professional Memberships — Friend — 1st, 2nd, 3rd Year After Graduation

Submit Supporting Documents by Email —  Professional members please submit a copy of ND license and diploma (new graduates have 1 year to submit).  Student members submit copy of student ID.  EMAIL:  assistant@nyanp.org

Professional Memberships — Click here to see the benefits and dues for the different professional memberships:  Professional Membership Benefits.  Professional memberships are paid on a monthly basis.  Students and supporting members, see below.

Recurring Payment Options

Please note:  You will be directed to PayPal for payment where you can choose to pay using either a Credit Card or your PayPal account.

Up at the top right of the PayPal checkout page is the notice:  CHOOSE A WAY TO PAY.   Underneath it is: Pay with my PayPal account (where you log in to your account to complete the purchase) or down below the login form is the question:  Don’t have a PayPal account? Click on this option on their website if you’d like to pay by credit card.

Student Membership
Student Membership
NYANP membership for students at a CNME accredited naturopathic medical school. For 2015--all student memberships are only $10.00!
Supporting Membership
Supporting Membership
NYANP membership for people who support the mission of the NYANP.


We are instituting a new policy to make it much easier for our clients.  Purchasing professional memberships is now done through a recurring payment billing system using PayPal (students and supporting members are exempt). To provide you with a continuing membership, the NYANP and PayPal automatically renews all memberships upon expiration.  By purchasing a membership, you acknowledge you will be subject to automatic renewals.  In all cases, if you do not wish to have your membership be automatically renewed or if you wish to cancel your membership, please contact us at assistant@nyanp.org.