Why become a member of the NYANP?

  • Professional development & education including CE webinars and white papers (for example: COVID, Legislative Action, and more).
  • Mentoring from Board members or general membership
  • Access to members-only resources
  • Have future patients find you using your listing on the popular NYANP website page: Find a ND
  • List your membership to NYANP on your current CV, website, and newsletters
  • Networking with other members
  • Invaluable contacts for job opportunities and expansion
  • Group discounts
  • The possibility to have considerable influence on the development and direction of your profession in New York State
  • Membership monies help pay for lobbying efforts to gain licensure for NY NDs

Professional Membership — Leader

All of the benefits of the professional and friend memberships plus 3 articles a year in the NYANP newsletter, an article on our blog 3 times a year, the featured ND in the NYANP newsletter and on the website, and mentioned and linked on social media at least 3 times for the year.  Current leaders are Dr. Jillian Finker, Dr. Chun-Ming Lin, Dr. Steve Nenninger, and Dr. Mychael Seubert.  $100 per month.

Professional Membership — Friend

This yearly membership comes with all the benefits of a professional membership PLUS your picture on our website, special profile on our site, an article in the NYANP newsletter, your article in our blog, and a mention and link on our social media outlets. AND, $100 off the cost of our NYANP Annual Conference.   $62.50 per month.

Professional Membership — Full

This is the professional level membership. Benefits include a basic listing on the NYANP website with a hyperlink, list up to 6 specialties, announcement or event listing in NYANP newsletter and calendar, and $50 off the NYANP annual conference.   $37.50 per month.

Professional Memberships — 1st, 2nd, 3rd Year After Graduation

Professional Memberships — Friend — 1st, 2nd, 3rd Year After Graduation

Associate — Out of State ND. Cost is $8.34 per month.

Student Membership — A student membership is for students at a CNME-accredited naturopathic medical school. Cost is $25. 

Other Health Professional Membership — Other health professionals (for example, MDs, DOs or Dentists). Cost is $25 per month.

Supporting Membership — NYANP Membership for people who support the NYANP. No supporting documentation is needed. Cost is $60.

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Kirsten Carle, ND

NYANP Professional Membership; NYANP Board Member

Why did you become a member of the NYANP?

I am a proud member of the NYANP for many reasons. Initially, I joined as a new naturopathic graduate who was interested in supporting state licensing efforts through the financial contribution of membership. Over time, I had the opportunity to attend our annual conferences and experienced that membership was also about meeting naturopathic colleagues here and cultivating a sense of community with others who have very similar and yet unique experiences working in this large diverse state.

Membership provides me the opportunity to grow my referral and resource networks as well as helps prospective clients/patients find me through the NYANP website’s “Find a ND” feature.

In the last year, I have participated more actively as a Board member, getting to see firsthand just how much is going on inside the organization. This role has allowed me to work with colleagues to engage directly in ongoing legislative efforts and to connect with and grow our naturopathic community here. The Board is leading efforts to expand statewide membership, offer more educational opportunities and provide more services and resources. I’ve no doubt that member benefits will continue to increase; especially as more people join the NYANP and get involved!

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Maura Henninger, ND

NYANP Professional Membership; NYANP Board Member

Why did you become a member of the NYANP?

Being an NYANP member is one of the primary ways I support naturopathic medicine in New York. To me, it doesn't make sense to be practicing here and to not support the organization that tirelessly represents and fights for us. For me, it's less about what I get from the organization and more what I can give because it is in giving that we are going to be made stronger as a profession. We all need each other, as much as we can give of our time and resources. We are a small but mighty group in this state; anything we can do to work together and combine our efforts will only serve to build each and every one of us up and lend legitimacy to the work we do day in and day out.

I love that my financial contribution supports our efforts in New York, as well as the annual conference, which is a terrific time of coming-together for NDs in our state. I've been practicing for a decade and I absolutely love my practice and my patients; but I can sometimes feel disconnected from my colleagues. I joined the board this past year not only to contribute what I can to our profession but also to find ways I can bring us together as physicians and friends. Never has there been a time when our medicine is more needed. The NYANP is here for us and I hope in the upcoming months we will find ways to come together more and more, supporting one another and supporting naturopathic medicine in New York.

Corporate Partners

Diamond Level

NYANP sincerely thanks the Rockwell Family for their generous support of our mission.

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