Professional Membership — Leader

All of the benefits of the professional and friend memberships plus 3 articles a year in the NYANP newsletter, an article on our blog 3 times a year, the featured ND in the NYANP newsletter and on the website, and mentioned and linked on social media at least 3 times for the year.  Current leaders are Dr. Jillian Finker, Dr. Chun-Ming Lin, Dr. Steve Nenninger, and Dr. Mychael Seubert.  $100 per month.

Professional Membership — Friend

This yearly membership comes with all the benefits of a professional membership PLUS your picture on our website, special profile on our site, an article in the NYANP newsletter, your article in our blog, and a mention and link on our social media outlets. AND, $100 off the cost of our NYANP Annual Conference.   $62.50 per month.

Professional Membership — Full

This is the professional level membership. Benefits include a basic listing on the NYANP website with a hyperlink, list up to 6 specialties, announcement or event listing in NYANP newsletter and calendar, and $50 off the NYANP annual conference.   $37.50 per month.

Professional Memberships — 1st, 2nd, 3rd Year After Graduation

Professional Memberships — Friend — 1st, 2nd, 3rd Year After Graduation

Associate — Out of State ND. Cost is $8.34 per month.

Student Membership — A student membership is for students at a CNME-accredited naturopathic medical school. Cost is $25. 

Other Health Professional Membership — Other health professionals (for example, MDs, DOs or Dentists). Cost is $25 per month.

Supporting Membership — NYANP Membership for people who support the NYANP. No supporting documentation is needed. Cost is $60.