Writing your legislators will take you literally two minutes–if that.  We’ve done all the work for you!

Go to this link: https://naturopathic.org/page/LegislativeActionCenter#/34

Put in your NY address or that of your family in New York.

The “Group” has a drop down menu where you can pick a letter depending on whether you are an MD, Patient, ND, Anyone, etc.  (see the screenshot image below).

Please note the current Assembly bill # is A-6035. The Senate bill # is S-7371

complementary medicineNext step is to fill in some more detail.  The system automatically chooses your representatives and a letter you will see appears on the right.  (see screenshot below)


*** Some letters like “From a Patient” and “From an MD” have a box where you can tell your personal story.  This is optional–you do not have to fill in the box–leave it blank if you don’t wish to share your personal story. (Other letters do not have this option.)   Then all you do is click “SEND” and you have made a difference for naturopathic licensing in NY.  (see screenshot below)

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