2015 Conference Recordings

The following lectures are available for purchase from NYANP’s 2015 Annual Conference.  Please note that the download includes the presentation (mp4) and a PDF of the speaker’s presentation.  Thank you to Designs for Health, Protocol for Life Balance, NFH, and NDNR for their support.

naturopath NYCEPIGENETIC LONGEVITY AND THE APOLOGETICS OF NATUROPATHIC THERAPEUTICS.  Lecture by Peter Bongiorno, ND, LAc..  Your patients want to feel happy, and live a long healthy life. For years, naturopathic therapeutics were considered ‘soft’ and ‘not real medicine.’ The epigenetic and nutrigenomic research revolution has shown that naturopathic therapies have the power to turn genes on and off. Dr. Bongiorno will review the basics of naturopathic medicine and review the clear research that shows how the naturopathic medicine you provide is powerful and beneficial to change the trajectory of your patient’s health and longevity.  50 minutes, $20.00 

Naturopathic doctor NYCDRUG NUTRIENT DEPLETION:  THE OBVIOUS BUT SOMETIMES NOT SO OBVIOUS ROOT CAUSE.  Lecture by Ivy Branin, ND.  When treating the root cause, naturopaths might overlook nutrient depletion due to medications as the cause of the patient’s presenting symptoms. Most prescription and over-the-counter drugs impact the nutrient status of at least one micronutrient. Perhaps 30% of pharmaceutical side effects are the direct result of these drug-induced nutrient deficiencies. In this talk, I will discuss the main classes of medications, which cause nutrient depletions, the mechanism by which these medications deplete nutrients, sign and symptoms presented by patients, effective supplement strategies and clinical examples.  50 minutes, $20.00 

Naturopathic doctor NYCTHE CLINICAL POTENTIAL OF CALORIE-RESTRICTED AND KETOGENIC DIETS IN THE TREATMENT OF ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE IN THE CONTEXT OF HYPERINSULINEMIA.  Lecture by Robert Kachko, ND, LAc.  The role of hyperinsulinemia in the context of hyperglycemia due to insulin resistance has been well studied in its role in the development of Type II Diabetes (T2D). A strong correlation exists between T2D and Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), and the mechanisms involved are multi-factorial. Derangement in key amyloid-related enzymes secondary to increased insulin levels, increased inflammation, and increased oxidative stress among other factors have been well studied. Calorie Restriction (CR), along with variations on the clinical approach, has been shown to increase overall lifespan and to improve insulin resistance, reduce inflammation, and reduce oxidative stress markers. This review assesses the connection between hyperinsulinemia and CR in the context of Alzheimer’s Disease. This approach, based on available evidence in human and animal studies, is a reasonable adjunct to treatment protocols for Alzheimer’s Disease. Based on projected patient compliance CR variations may be employed, though likely with slower and less drastic impact on Alzheimer’s Disease outcomes.  50 minutes, $20.00 


Naini Kohli, NDROLE OF THE NATUROPATHIC PHYSICIAN IN GYNECOLOGICAL ONCOLOGY–MAKING A DIFFERENCE.  Lecture by Naini Kohli, ND.  With recent advances in medicine and knowing more and more of less and less, Gynecologic Oncology has emerged as a recognized sub specialty of oncology. Complete recovery rates for gynecologic cancer patients have significantly increased, and mean survival has improved. Recovery rates above 80% can be achieved in cervix, uterus, and ovarian cancer patients if diagnosed at an early stage. The physicians need to find the right balance between management of disease, QOL and patient well-being .In an integrative cancer care setting naturopathic physicians can provide meaningful solutions to many of these problems.  50 minutes, $20.00 


naturopathic medicineFACILITATING SELF-HEALING; CONCOMITANT WITH MEDICATIONS.  Lecture by Millennia Ruth Lytle, ND.  One of the principles of Naturopathic Medicine is to facilitate the body’s innate ability to heal itself by restoring optimal nutritional biochemistry and physiological functioning. Statistics show up to 70% of Americans have been prescribed at least one medication and up to 50% taking two or more prescriptions with an approximated 80% taking over the counter medications. Naturopathic Doctors are best equipped to recognize and assist in the reversal of nutrient depletions secondary to medical intervention into their treatment plans. This presentation will address the role of the Naturopathic Physician in reducing adverse events from iatrogenic practices.  50 minutes, $20.00 


naturopathic doctorA WORLD WITHIN:  THE HUMAN MICROBIOME, HEALING, & TIKKUN OLAM.  Lecture by Paul Mittman, ND, EdD.  The Human Mircrobiome offers a framework for understanding the interdependence of human health, both individual and population, with our environment. I will discuss current research on the role of ~10 trillion cells living inside, on and around each of us on personal well-being and population health. The presentation will address two questions:

  1. Is it time to reconsider whether healthcare dominated by such an oppositional model of treatment (e.g., antibiotics, antihypertensives, antidepressants) still serves us in in light of new understandings of chronic disease, environmental disruption and genetically modified foods?
  2. Is it time for naturopathic physicians to move beyond centuries-old definitions of the Vis Medicatrix Naturae, by integrating this new understanding of humans as living, breathing, moving microenvironments.

50 minutes, $20.00 


naturopathic doctorCANNIBIS, CANNABINOIDS, & THE ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM.  Lecture by Rob Streisfeld, ND.  With the growing awareness of Cannabis as a safe, plant-based option for numerous health conditions currently treated by pharmaceuticals, therein lies both an opportunity and necessity to better understand this amazing plant, the numerous compounds identified and researched to date, and the clinical applications and implications with regard to the EndoCannabinoid System.  50 minutes, $20.00 


naturopathic doctorMEDICINAL MUSHROOMS AND CANCER.  Lecture by Michael Traum, ND, DHANP, FABNO.  The anticancer effect of medicinal mushrooms has been the subject of intense investigation. Recent studies describing the immunological effects of mushrooms have provided guidance for their targeted use in cancer prevention and treatment. I will summarize these studies and review the mechanisms by which medicinal mushrooms may exert their anticancer actions including antineoplastic properties, regulation of tumor genes, decreasing tumor angiogenesis, increasing malignant-cell phagocytosis, chemo-sensitization and protection against bone marrow suppression.  50 minutes, $20.00 


naturopathic doctor NYCWHICH DIET TO RECOMMEND?  A COMPARISON OF PALEO, FODMAP, GAPS/SCD, GLUTEN-FREE,AND AUTOIMMUNE DIET PLANS.  Lecture by Doni Wilson, ND, CPM, CNS.  Naturopathic healthcare is focused on getting to the root cause of health issues, including dietary choices that may be increasing inflammation, causing intestinal permeability, and disrupting blood sugar levels. There are many new and popular “diets” to address these issues and support patients to change their diet. However the challenge for practitioners is how to help patients navigate the various diets and especially to individualize the food choices in a way that optimizes health outcomes.  50 minutes, $20.00