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Mental Health Update in the Time of COVID-19

Speaker: Dr. Peter Bongiorno

Any economic downturn will bring significant increases in depression and suicide. The Covid-19 global pandemic has created the mother of all downturns, and is churning a tidal wave of depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder and suicide. What does a naturopathic doctor need to know in this time? Save yourself research time and analysis and attend this lecture. With mental health disorders at their highest rates ever right now, conventional care needs an infusion of naturopathic medicine more than ever. Dr. Peter will deliver great information in an easy to use format that you can take to your patients the next day. Dr. Bongiorno will update this presentation with the most up to date information on the newest mental health statistics, the lab tests you need to know, and specific protocols and therapies you can use. You will receive concise, clinically immediate and transferable protocols based on the latest evidence and his 16 years of experience practicing in New York City.

The Naturopathic Links Between the Oral Microbiome, Nutrition and Systemic Immunity

Speaker: Gerald P Curatola, DDS

The importance of homeostasis in the microbial terrain, or microbiome, of the body, especially in the mouth, is understood by the naturopathic community. This presentation will identify how the modulation of this essential microbial flora is affected by nutrition and other factors compromising systemic health, and especially a competent immune system. Imbalance of the oral microbiome results in the emergence of a pathogenic flora and a corresponding cascade of inflammation. Integration of the concepts of naturopathic medicine in the resolution of oral disease, will be discussed, as well as an integrated approach that brings dentists and naturopaths together.

The Steps to Create Steady Income and Less Stress; Finally Get What You Are Worth and Gain Patient Compliance

Speaker: Dr. Raynette C. Ilg

This presentation is designed for Naturopaths in unlicensed states to gain the proven knowledge of how to create recurring monthly income and grow their business while also being able to deliver superior quality care to the patient with the use of concierge packages. Dr. Ilg’s presentation is sponsored by Protocol for Life Balance.

The Abundant Money Mindset for Naturopathic Doctors

Speaker: Dr. Nana Jokura

Learn what it takes to grow your practice and business beyond 6-Figures with great health, balance and profit. Most of us grow up with the assumption that in order to earn more, we must work harder, endure more stress and have it cut into family time. This is one of the reasons why ND’s struggle financially. We CAN create a life and business that comes from a place of abundance. Abundance in health, self-care, time with family and income. Learn what top 3 mistakes ND’s make when growing their business, and how you can avoid them. What if growing your naturopathic business was easy? Join Dr. Nana Jokura, ND (inactive) and learn how to create a new model that starts with the root cause of virtually all of your results, the mindset.

Vision 2020: Your Role Promoting Naturopathic Medicine

Speaker: Dr. Amy Rothenberg

As licensed naturopathic doctors it remains paramount to educate the public, industry and the conventional medical world about our education, training, unique philosophy and effective work with patients. We can articulate our capacity to help fill the gap in primary care shortage and to stem the tide of chronic disease in this country. By sharing experiences from 34 years as a vocal advocate for the profession, Dr. Rothenberg will share practical, anyone-can-do-it approaches. From how to give a talk to how to write a public-facing article to harnessing social media, expect concrete ideas and encouragement.

Integrating Homeopathy into Breast Cancer Treatment Plans

Speaker: Dr. Heidi Weinhold

Naturopathic medicine had its origins as a combination of Nature Cure and Homeopathy.  Over time, the profession evolved to include other eclectic modalities such as botanical medicine, manipulation, acupuncture, and pharmaceuticals.  However, at the core of Naturopathic medicine is Homeopathy.In 1866, University of Pittsburgh Shadyside Hospital was once called the Homeopathic Hospital of Pittsburgh.  Doctors incorporated homeopathy with surgical procedures.  What was once considered ‘old’ is now new again.  The Hospital Joint Commission is requesting hospitals to research non-pharmacologic approaches to pain relief.  Critics have argued that there is not enough research to support the use of Homeopathy in conventional medicine, and our Naturopathic Medical Schools have discussed removing Homeopathy from the curriculum.  The world needs Homeopathy now more than ever. Homeopathy is effective, affordable, timeless, and in the mainstream. Hospitals are doing more research to support what Naturopathic Doctors have known for years.  Medical doctors are becoming comfortable with homeopathy, but are not familiar with dosing.  Homeopathy gives Naturopathic Doctors an opportunity to integrate into the conventional paradigm regardless of the scope of practice in their individual state.  Homeopathic medicine is available to everyone.  After listening to this lecture, attendees will feel comfortable dialoguing with other medical professionals to integrate homeopathic protocols into their patients Breast Cancer Treatment Plans.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Microdosing Psychedelics

Speaker: Dr. Erica Zelfand

Learn about the therapeutic value of taking sub-psychoactive doses of LSD, psilocybin, and other entheogenic medicines. In this talk, Dr. Erica Zelfand will review the literature on what “microdosing” does and does not seem to help people with, and will review dosing regimens, drug interactions, and common prescription pitfalls. As with all talks by “Dr. Z,” this one will be funny, edgy, and engaging.