Meet Our Student Representatives

2014-2015 NYANP Student Representatives:

  • Jamila Maria James
  • Brenton Murphy
  • Charles Rico
  • Bethany Tennant

naturopathic medicineJamila Maria James is a naturopathic medical student at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Jamila is in her final year at CCNM completing her clinical internship, and she intends on practicing in New York City upon graduation. During her time at CCNM, Jamila has served as VP of Legislation for the Naturopathic Medical Student Association International (NMSA) and as a board member and Partner of health for the Integrative Healthcare Policy Consortium (IHPC) representing the NMSA.

Jamila received her Bachelor of Health Sciences from the University of Western Ontario, where she focused her studies on health policy, public health, and human biology. Before starting naturopathic medical school, she worked for an engineering consulting firm, focusing her efforts in executive health provision analysis, strategic planning, health and safety, and human resources. She also completed a two-month pre-medical internship in Accra, Ghana. In her spare time, Jamila enjoys visiting cultural centers and playing tennis.

naturopathic medicine studentBrenton Murphy is a student at Bastyr University in Seattle Washington studying Naturopathic Medicine.  He is currently in his second year of the ND program and hopes to enroll in the upcoming Masters in Public Health program at Bastyr in Fall 2015.  After growing up in the Adirondack Park of Upstate New York he moved to Long Island and studied Public Health at Stony Brook University.  Brenton’s interest in Naturopathy was sparked after studying the fallouts and glitches within the current allopathically driven healthcare system.  While at Bastyr, Brenton is looking forward to studying homeopathy, botanical medicine, biofeedback, and mind body medicine.  After graduation he hopes to acquire residency on the East Coast in a licensed state and then move back to New York to begin or join an Integrated Clinic.  He is looking forward to helping the NYANP gain support and followers in the Pacific Northwest!!

naturopathic medicine studentCharles Rico was born and raised in Queens, New York, under a traditional Colombian household. He received his bachelors degree from Stony Brook University, and is currently in his first year of naturopathic medical school at the University of Bridgeport. In his spare time, Charles enjoys meditating, exercising, studying, and especially eating as many ethnic foods as possible. He hopes to return to New York City to practice and spread awareness of naturopathic medicine in low socioeconomic areas.


naturopathic studentA native upstate NYer, Bethany Tennant is currently in her fourth year at the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, OR. While pursuing her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine she has been involved with the school’s Helfgott Research Institute, specifically with Parkinson’s disease. Other ways she is involved with the school include tutoring, serving as NMSA (Naturopathic Medical Student Association) as local vice president one year and serving one year as President, and spending her 10 days in Nicaragua with NDI. Bethany also competed in the first student scholarship competition through the NWNPC as a finalist speaking on the topic of “Neurodegeneration & Leaky Blood Brain Barrier.”

Bethany received her bachelor’s degree in biology as a pre-med student from Houghton College located in Houghton, NY where she was a scholarship varsity basketball player. Prior to NCNM, Bethany gained experience in the health field as a Community Health Educator through the Peace Corps serving in Suriname, South America, later as a massage therapist, a personal trainer and corporate wellness. Outside of school she stays balanced by participating in Portland city co-ed basketball leagues, pick-up soccer, volunteering with the Brian Grant Foundation and FIT project and enjoying the Pacific Northwest. Having been a NYANP student member her entire student career, attended the past two annual conferences and having worked towards legislative efforts during the DC FLI on Capitol Hill; she feels very privileged to embark on a career as a Naturopathic Physician and to join the NYANP team.