Autoimmune Disease: A Route to Resolution

Speaker: Dr. Todd Born

Autoimmunity is an immune response directed against an antigen normally present within the body of the host.  The disease is a pathologic condition caused by a specific adaptive autoimmune response.  This presentation will briefly cover the most common autoimmune diseases, by body system, epidemiology, as well as what they have in common.  I will thoroughly cover simple, but yet effective treatment strategies and specifics to optimize patient outcomes.

Carroll Method Food Intolerance Evaluation: Patterns in Disease and Trajectories for Traditional Naturopathic Medical Care

Speakers: Lindsay Baum, ND, Sara Kates-Chinoy, ND, Ashly Benson, ND

Our presenters have a cumulative 22 years of primary care practice. We have seen thousands of patients benefit from dietary change guided by the Carroll Method of Food Intolerance Evaluation. We have witnessed profound change in health outcomes and reduced reliance on pharmaceutical medication, as well as the emergence of patterns of disease processes. We have observed familial patterns, and possible genealogical patterns associated with certain intolerances. In this presentation we will discuss our observation of these patterns, their practical use in the clinical setting, and implications for the future of traditional nature cure medicine. This presentation is particularly of interest as the Carroll Method exists in its 100th year, practically since the inception of the practice of Naturopathic medicine.

Ecotherapy: Evidence-Based Clinical Benefits of Time in Nature

Speaker: Dr. Kurt Beil

Time in nature is more than just a walk in the park.  Multiple meta-analyses have demonstrated the positive impact that “Green Time” has on physical and mental health outcomes, including heart disease, depression, blood pressure, cortisol, HRV, and more. Organizations around the wolrld are utilizing nature-based approaches for health and healing, including the Japanse Ministry of Health and the United States Veterans Administration.  This session will explore the evidence and practice of nature-based “ecotherapy” through paradigms of stress-reduction and salutogenesis (i.e. holistic health promotion).  Emphasis will be placed on case studies and relevant clinical techniques.  The session will conclude with a description of local and national clinical programs and health policy initiatives that are incorporating this approach. 

Revival of the Castor Oil Pack for IBS

Speaker: Marisol Teijeiro, BA, ND

The castor oil pack is a legendary tool that is often forgotten when in fact its many benefits are substantial. There is new research and insights emerging that provide a new perspective on this legendary treatment. Not only does the castor oil pack help heal IBS, it is also an invaluable tool to help micro inflammation, intestinal permeability, microbiome health and movement of bile. This tool really is an amazing source to incredible healing. It is my mission to spread the word about this great tool and bring the many benefits of the castor oil pack to the forefront of naturopathic medicine once again. The castor oil pack is a remarkable treatment that enhances all aspects of healing.

The Chapter on Low Self-Esteem

Speaker: Dr. Amy Rothenberg

There are many ways low self-esteem manifests in our patients: decreased bonding within families, poor school performance, challenges at home or at work, hypersensitivity, hypervigilence, lack of assertiveness, passive-aggressive tendencies, over and underachieving, OCD, addictive behaviors, difficulties with friendships, failed relationships, inability to act with selfagency and all manner of anxiety and depression. Low self-esteem also makes it harder for patients to follow our treatment recommendations. Homeopathic remedies offer a precise and effective tool to use with your down-on-themselves patients. Dr Rothenberg will help delineate and differentiate among the six most common remedies clinically relevant for low self-esteem patients.

Traditional Diagnostics: Using Iridology, Tongue, and Facial Diagnosis Toward Finding the Perfect Remedy

Speaker: Dr. Carina Lopez

This workshop introduces seminar attendees to the traditional diagnostic methods of Using Iridology, Tongue, and Facial Diagnosis. We will cover the history of these methods, read their respective maps and identify basic signs that assess potential pathology. Identifying potential future pathologies through Naturopathic traditional analysis is one of our best resources as providers of preventative care. . We will cover cases based on the work I do at my clinic, Vitalist Healing Traditions, which serves the Bronx and Westchester community. Each case assesses tongue, iris, and facial cues and discusses remedies, including botanical, homeopathic and food recommendations.